liza rimsky, ma, PSYCHOLOGY EXTERN

Liza Rimsky, MA, is a 4th year doctoral candidate in clinical psychology at Long Island University-Brooklyn and is currently a psychology extern at BHBA, where she participates in an adherent DBT weekly consultation team meeting and in multiple weekly group supervisions. At BHBA, Liza brings her expertise in assessment skills and conducts psychological evaluations and intakes for the practice, engages in case consultation, and makes treatment recommendations for new adult patients seeking treatment at BHBA.

Her enthusiasm for learning and research and her earnest determination to be as active and helpful to her clients as she can make her an excellent clinician and an indispensable part of the team.

It was at Mount Sinai World Trade Center Mental Health Program and the Long Island University Psychological Services Center where Liza honed her assessment and clinical skills. Yet, it was at BHBA during her year-long externship (2014-2015), where she was part of the adherent treatment team and co-facilitated Multi-family and Adult DBT skills classes, when a flame was sparked, leading her to seek ongoing DBT exposure and training. Liza is passionate about mindfulness based therapies, including DBT and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT). She has dedicated her dissertation to researching the role of mindfulness and emotion regulation in relationship satisfaction.

When Liza is not pursuing her interests in clinical psychology, she enjoys gardening at her home in Brooklyn and spending lots of time with her nephew, Dylan.


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