Mathylda Livieratos, M.A, received her graduate degree in Mental Health Counseling at Adelphi University. She is currently a first year clinical psychology doctoral student at Long Island University, Brooklyn Campus and a psychology extern at BHBA.

During the last two years of her undergraduate degree at Columbia University, Mathylda discovered a new interest in mental health and decided to pursue a degree in Psychology. Wanting to complement her knowledge of theory with practice, she obtained an internship as an Intake Counselor, where she performed initial screenings and assessments for at-risk homeless youth. Witnessing the lack of targeted services for at-risk populations, this immersive experience profoundly shaped Mathylda’s interests and desire to pursue her Ph.D in hopes of conducting research that will allow higher retention rates and better treatment services for at-risk adolescents and marginalized populations.

Following her passion, Mathylda went on to receive her M.A, where she completed over 1500 hours of supervised clinical work as part of her degree. This granted her the unique opportunity to experience a variety of clinical settings, honing her assessment and treatment skills by working with a diverse range of clients. Her role as a Crisis Counselor at The Door, a drop in center for at-risk, homeless youth, included working with a large L.G.B.T.Q. community of adolescents who had often experienced severe trauma, chronically been in and out of foster care and struggled with depression, addiction, and oppositional behaviors. As part of her role, Mathylda performed thorough intake assessments including suicide assessments, devised safety plans, mediated family interventions, screened for domestic violence and sexual abuse, triaged with child protective services and other legal entities, aided behavioral modification, and de-escalated crisis situations. Subsequent to her placement with adolescents Mathylda went on to pursue an internship working with adults, completing her internship hours as a counseling intern at The Realization Center, an outpatient addictions rehabilitation clinic in Manhattan. Here, Mathylda ran group sessions including weekly relapse prevention, psycho-educational, and family group sessions for court-mandated parents. She also worked as part of the intake team and was responsible for conducting assessments and making appropriate referrals.

Mathylda’s recent clinical experience, following the completion of her M.A, includes working with homeless veterans at a family motel for Volunteers of America and a Mileu Therapist at the Children’s Hospital Colorado, where she performed interventions for children experiencing distress, engaged in therapeutic play, and assisted in creating end of life memories and the bereavement process. Working with clients from infancy to adulthood has allowed Mathylda to integrate a variety of perspectives and approaches into her therapeutic style and she enjoys the explorative process that takes place with new clients and the growth this brings to both parties as part of the therapeutic process.