Fruits of Our Labor!

Melissa Petrosino Photography

Melissa Petrosino Photography

There is so much going on here at BHBA!

First off, Dr. Chase completed her post-doctoral fellowship and two new DBT specialists joined the team. We also signed on two top notch graduate students who can see clients at a significantly reduced rate – keeping with our commitment to providing evidenced based therapy at low cost.

Learning is a top priority and this past spring and summer was no exception! Dr. Bellet completed a webinar for advanced supervision techniques from renowned DBT practitioner, Kelly Koerner, Ph.D. and had the honor of obtaining training in advance of the publication of the DBT manual for children with the developer Dr. Francheska Perepletchikova.  All of us here received training in a variety of modalities in support of our commitment to treat complex cases using evidenced based therapy. 

Specialists at BHBA are trained to treat children of all ages and their families.  Heather Zayde, LCSW, David Rich, LMSW and Erica Meyers, Psy.D. completed advanced Parent Management Training (PMT) through the Parent Management Training Institute (where Dr. Bellet was trained) in the early summer and we have all been using the DBT-C manual since its release to BHBA in April.  

Dr. Meyers brought her expertise in emotional dysregulation and PMT from her post-doctoral fellowship at Fordham University. Under Dr. Bellet's direction, she completed DBT Foundational training through Behavioral Tech, LLC with Dr.'s Rizvy and Pantelone in August and Mr. Rich attended a personal Mindfulness Compassion practice retreat in August that certainly sharpened his DBT and ACT skills.