Susan Snyder, LCSW, is a licensed clinical social worker and the Director of Program and Staff Development at Brooklyn Heights Behavioral Associates (BHBA). Susan received her graduate degree from Wayne State University in Detroit, MI. With graduate experience at an inner-city school & Sinai Grace Hospital, she made the transition to working within community mental health systems in the city of Detroit. At Southwest Counseling Solutions, she had the opportunity to receive intensive training in Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) and co-implement the DBT program under the direction of Josh Smith, DBT-Linehan Board of Certification, LMSW. Susan then worked at Potomac Behavioral Solutions in Washington D.C. as the Director of DBT Programming & Team Lead. Additionally, she received leader training under Dr. Alan Fruzzetti for Family Connections - the 12 week family course for the support systems of individuals currently being treated in the DBT model and co-led this weekly class. Currently at BHBA, Susan divides her time between clinical care as a therapist for adolescents, adults and as a skills trainer, and providing didactic teaching & consultation to staff on Evidence Based Treatments.

Susan has previous experience providing intensive Exposure and Response Prevention (ExRP), the leading treatment recommendation for OCD, as well as expert level training under Dr. Edna Foa, the creator of ExRP at the Center for the Treatment and Study of Anxiety at the University of Pennsylvania. She also has an interest in Dr. Tom Lynch's innovative treatment for disorders of over-control, Radically Open DBT, and provided RO-DBT while in Washington, D.C.

Most recently, Susan had the opportunity to attend intensive Dialectical Behavior Therapy Prolonged Exposure Protocol (DBT-PE) training under the direction of treatment developer Dr. Melanie Harned. She is excited to begin implementing this work with clients who are currently engaged in the DBT program and also have a history of PTSD.

Susan's enthusiastic interest in Social Work began after she completed her undergraduate degree with a B.A. in Spanish & Art History - she spent a year studying in Buenos Aires, Argentina where she had the opportunity for immersive language training in the Castellano regional dialect of Argentine Spanish. Her love for a team approach rose from years of playing competitive golf - she attributes the origin of her leadership style to being the captain of her college golf team. She currently practices pilates as a form of mindfulness and living her DBT 'PLEASE' skill. Susan believes in treating the whole person - incorporating a mind & body approach.